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Your strategy and organisational developer

Joining forces for success – with the right goals, the appropriate strategy and effective organisation.


Added value

Companies, administrations and non-profit organisations are in a state of constant change. To ensure that change processes result in sustainable added value, there is a need for:

- clear orientation via the goals and the strategic path to be adopted,

- structured and trustful dialogue with the key stakeholders,

- a willingness and ability to do things differently and realise innovation and

- strategically oriented communication


Dr. Michel Geelhaar, Senior Consultant / Managing Partner

The key priorities of Michel Geelhaar are the market-oriented strategy consulting and organisational development of private and public institutions and the operational coaching of companies. His specialist field is the development and implementation of (corporate) strategies, management and organisational methods that take full account of the principles of sustainability

Dr. Rémy Chrétien, Senior Consultant / Partner

Rémy Chrétien has broad practical experience as Head of Sustainability at a major company, as a project manager and as a consultant for SMEs. He combines sound methodical expertise as a coach with a structured approach to the development of strategies and concepts. He is particularly interested in the realisation of concrete projects offering added economic, social and environmental value



Finding the right strategy, developing an effective organisation and purposefully implementing a project are both challenging and demanding for client and consultant alike. This calls for a high degree of personal commitment, methodical competence and strong powers of assertion – again and again.


Change processes are more than a temporary contractual relationship between client and consultant and entail the will and the trust to jointly bring the project to success. This concept of partnership is based on mutual professionalism and the realisation of sustainable added value – both today and tomorrow.



We act in a responsible manner as we wish to achieve entrepreneurial success over the long term: for our clients, partners, society and the environment. We therefore engage in intensive dialogue with our clients and partners, from the beginning to the end of the project.


Strategy consulting

Organisational consulting

As experienced strategy consultants we support you in setting the right targets and finding the most suitable strategy for you.

It goes without saying that we also support you with implementation and monitoring success.


By engaging in dialogue with internal and external stakeholders we develop mission statements with you, review organisational structures and shape change processes so that you can embrace change as an opportunity.






Controlling + Reporting

Core questions

Where do we stand?

What factors influence our success?


What do we wish to achieve?

What path should we select?

Who does what when?

What resources are needed?

How can we achieve our targets?

How should we report on this?


Stakeholder mapping

Scenario technology

Thematic analyses


Simplicity approach

Creativity techniques

Variant evaluation

Mission statement development


Measure and resource planning

Communications tool box

Target indicator system / KPIs

Integrated value & impact assessment

Value-oriented reporting



As a strategy and organisational developer we have for many years been supporting companies, administrations and non-profit organisations in the initiation and implementation of change processes – from analysis to communication, from profile differentiation to the reshaping of structures and processes. Some of our clients, arranged according to our core topics and sectors:






Food Supply

Environment/Sustainable Development


International Cooperation




We develop sustainability into a success factor – from analysis and implementation through to communication.

We design, organise and host with you meetings, workshops and public events – in a professional and clear manner.

We support project managers, business leaders and directors with complex change

processes – in an objective, discreet and solution-oriented manner.

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Our office is located in the heart of Berne's old town in the immediate vicinity of the Zytglogge.